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Granville small businesses embraced by community

26 November 2017

The National Retail Federation found that 76 percent of people who say they are considering shopping over this holiday weekend, would shop to support small business Saturday.

Hundreds in Southwest Florida skipped Thanksgiving dinner to line up and fight for the deep discounts at major retailers that have become synonymous with Black Friday, but on the 25th, Small Business Saturday is trying to shift the focus back to local businesses. Of those, 76 percent said they plan to spend money specifically to support Small Business Saturday.

The deals for shoppers will continue on Saturday November 25th for Small Business Saturday.

"You get a lot of personalized attention".

The passport program kicks off today on Small Business Saturday and lasts until December 9, so shoppers have more than a day to fill out their passports. "People get to come downtown and see all the things that are going on here".

"So it's really important for us to be out here for small business Saturday and we would love your support too".

Local support for Small Business Saturday is largely driven by Neighborhood Champions: small businesses, business associations, local Chambers of Commerce and other community organizers who help energize their neighborhoods on the day.

The SBA encourages people to "Shop Small", and sharing splurges on social media with the hashtag: #ShopSmall.

It's the kind of service that many small businesses still provide.

"If we can keep the business here in Broome County, it really does mean a lot", said Chris Scaturro.

It's no secret that sales and savings help generate more business.

Eight years after the inauguration of Small Business Saturday, 90 percent of US consumers report they are aware of promotion, and among those who are aware, 82 percent say they plan to patronize a small, independently owned retailer or restaurant. That is a nice stress reliever during the holiday shopping season. Small Business Saturday will end with the annual tree lighting at Canal View Park at 5:30 p.m., featuring performances by Merge Dance Studio, 54th & City, and the Delaware Valley Opera Company.

"Records is something you can't find at big retailer, we're banking on it", said Madison Kieth, co-owner of Station Square Records on Church Street. Perhaps you made a decision to skip the shopping endurance test altogether.

Granville small businesses embraced by community