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Travelers prepare for busiest travel day of the year

22 November 2017

And it is not only roadways and the sky that are affected by the holiday, Wednesday is also one of the busiest travel days for trains.

There's a common perception that the day before Thanksgiving is the busiest day to fly on United States airlines. 23% of travelers are flying and 75% are driving.

TSA officials encouraged people to arrive two hours ahead of domestic flights.

If you have a last-minute change of plans, no worries, you can still get a ticket. "So just make sure you do the sorting before you come to the airport, you're really going to save yourself the time".

Long lines formed early at security check-in. AAA predicts 30-million have a flight to catch for this Thanksgiving, and that influx of passengers could mean lots of delays and crowded airports. Golden has not flown since the 80's so it was important for her to get to the airport on time and safely.

Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel seasons all year. Many of them are arriving in Florida after driving throughout the night.

Passengers at Tucson International Airport (TIA) will see several upgrades and additional flights as the airport continues to see an increase in air travel, with 2.4 million passengers being recorded for 2017 as of the end of October.

There are many changes in place for the week aimed at making things easier for arriving and departing passengers, starting with brand new rental vehicle shuttle buses equipped with WiFi and USB charging stations that are now 50 percent bigger. Most people who are driving to their destinations will travel 50 miles or less to visit family and friends.

Travelers prepare for busiest travel day of the year