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Splatoon 2 paints new updates for November 23

22 November 2017

The update overall drops on November 23rd, with the first map MakoMart hitting Splatoon 2 the day after on November 24th. Over the next few weeks, three other battle stages will launch: Walleye Warehouse, Arowana Mall, and Shellendorf Institute.

Higher Level Caps: Currently, players are maxed out at Level 50. Once you hit level 99 for the first time, you can prestige a la Call of Duty, which will take you back to level 1, which adds a star next to your level.

Salmon Run players can also take on a new stage along the shores, called Salmonid Smokeyard.

"These free new additions to Splatoon 2 deliver surprises to fans to keep the fun going", said Doug Bowser, Nintendo of America's Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Splatoon 2's upcoming update will have your Inkling looking fresher than ever before with four new hairstyle choices and about 140 pieces of new gear. The updates will bring a ton of new content, including several new stages, hairstyles, gear, and an entirely new Ranked Battle mode.

Check out major updates coming to Splatoon 2!

This sets the stage for a second update, set to deploy in mid-December.

A separate update in mid-December will add Clam Blitz, where you have to try and collect clams from across the stage. For Regular Battle, this also means players can play the next battle with the same players. When you pick one up, it will start following you. Don't worry if this seems to simple, baskets will be protected by barriers that need to be destroyed as well as the opportunity to splat your opponents and claim their clams as your own. The first team that manages to fill the opponents basket with 100 clams is the victor.

There is additional content coming to Splatoon 2 that hasn't been dated yet. Power clams are awarded when a player collects 10 clams. It sounds like there's an element of team work to operating the fan lifts, so get ready to cooperate with your team mates beyond simply trying to win the game.

Players will need to think strategically about which clams are used to break the barriers and which are used to score points with. If you're not rushing out to grab a bargain at the stores with their burgeoning Black Friday deals, you can stay home and challenge your friends to Splatoon 2 matches.

Splatoon 2 paints new updates for November 23