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Hardik Patels Declares Support for Congress Before Gujarat Assembly Polls

22 November 2017

Congress on Monday night released its 2nd list of 13 candidates & also replaced 4 candidates with PAAS members in the list released earlier. "In the name of reservation, Congress has given a "lollipop" to Hardik".

In Surat, the agitated protestors clashed witch Congress workers, and allegedly vandalised the party's office.

He is also reported to have staged protest in front of Solanki's residence.

The support of the Patidars is very crucial for the Congress at this point of time and definitely, the party will not want to take any such step that would make the Ptidars unhappy and the community leader Hardik Patel might think twice before extending their support to the party. Meanwhile, PASS also seems heading for a vertical split with a group charging Banmbhaniya of hobnobbing with the BJP and the NCP.

"The Gujarat election 2017 is not just a fight between two parties or a fight for who will become the chief minister, but it is to decide if "jativad" (casteism) and "vanshvad" (dynastic rule) will win or Narendra Modi's "vikasvad" (development politics)", Shah said here. "The law of the land is very clear and that is laid down by the Supreme Court and only last week in the Rajasthan case it has been re-affirmed that the 50 per cent cap can not be increased". The PAAS leader said the Congress would include the extension of reservation benefit to Patidars in its election manifesto. "Legally and constitutionally it is not possible as the law stands today", he said.

The Congress's pact with the Patidar community in Gujarat marks the opposition's best chance yet to end the BJP's 22-year rule in the state, but it could upset other caste leaders or run afoul of legal ceilings set by the Supreme Court. "In my opinion, this formula of reservation is a big joke", Patel told reporters in Ahmedabad.

Patel said Congress and Hardik Patel described others as imprudent but people know the veracity.

Reacting to Jaitleys "mutual deception" charge, Singhvi accused the BJP of fooling people everyday.

Patel a fiery speaker who draws huge crowds wherever he goes has alleged that the BJP offered him 1,200 crores to withdraw his agitation. The BJP is a ruling party there. Sometimes they talk about Jat reservation, sometimes Gujjar reservation. "We have that capabilities to do that". "Our main and sole aim is to get reservation for the Patel community".

Hardik Patels Declares Support for Congress Before Gujarat Assembly Polls