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German police present stolen John Lennon diaries

22 November 2017

Items which belonged to the late John Lennon including diaries and his iconic round-framed glasses were found in Germany recently as they were stolen almost eleven years ago. The police believe a second man, thought to be a former employee of Lennon's wife, Yoko Ono, was also involved.

Police arrested a man in Berlin on Monday suspected of receiving the 86 stolen items, which include Lennon's last diary that ended on the day he was shot and killed in NY on December 8, 1980.

Photo The police also recovered two pairs of Lennon's distinctive glasses.

Diaries, prescription glasses and a cigarette case are among some 100 items belonging to John Lennon that have been recovered in Berlin after they were allegedly stolen by Yoko Ono's driver in 2006, German officials said Tuesday.

The diary, which includes an entry from the day the Beatles star was murdered, is among 100 recovered items that had been stolen from Ono in NY in 2006.

One of the three diaries from the haul contains an entry penned by Lennon on Dec 8, 1980 - the day he was shot dead by a disturbed fan outside his Manhattan apartment building.

The police said Ms. Ono helped the authorities identify the items as belonging to her husband, and they started an investigation into suspected fraud and the handling of stolen goods.

Martin Steltner, a spokesman for the Berlin prosecutor's office, said another suspect, who lives in Turkey, "is unattainable for us at the present time".

German authorities were made aware of the lost items' whereabouts when a bankruptcy administrator for the Berlin auction house Auctionata contacted them in July, after finding the items in a company storage compartment.

The suspect was arrested on Monday in Berlin after police searched his home and cars.

German police present stolen John Lennon diaries