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Trump moves to dissolve charitable foundation

21 November 2017

"The Foundation has done enormous good works over the years in contributing millions of dollars to countless worthy groups, including supporting veterans, law enforcement officers and children", then-President-elect Trump said in a statement in December. In September 2016, NY attorney general Eric Schneiderman announced an investigation into the foundation "to make sure it's complying with the laws governing charities in NY".

After admitting previous year that some of the funds from the Donald J. Trump Foundation went to Trump himself, or other non-charitable causes, the organization is finally shutting down.

The outlet broke the news that the organization is preparing for the beginning of the end.

NBC News' report noted that the New York Attorney General's Charities Division is now investigating Trump's foundation, which means the president and his team can't close its doors just yet. "The Foundation looks forward to distributing its remaining assets at the earliest possible time to aid numerous worthy charitable organizations".

One of the ironies of the 2016 presidential campaign is that voters were led to believe that of the two major-party candidates, Hillary Clinton was the one with the controversial charitable foundation. For 2016, the foundation checked no. In 2015, the foundation made contributions totaling $896,380, tax records show. I said Trump is "trying" to close the charitable foundation because the process is a little more hard in this case than the president would probably like.

Daughter Ivanka Trump donated $100,000 to the foundation in 2016, the tax records show. It received a $1 million donation from Laura Perlmutter, the wife of Marvel Entertainment Chairman Isaac Perlmutter, a prominent Trump supporter, and another from casino magnate Phil Ruffin.

Donald Trump used his charitable foundation money to buy giant portraits of himself. He ordered the organization to stop fundraising late past year.

The White House didn't immediately respond.

Trump moves to dissolve charitable foundation