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Tesla launches powerbank for Android and iOS devices, priced at $45

21 November 2017

Innovative vehicle brand Tesla may be stealing headlines with the Model 3 and Roadster models, but you can now charge up your phone with the auto company's tech from within your pocket too. It does have an Apple lightning cord and a micro-USB cord, but not having the cord that's become the norm for Android phone users seems like a mistake to me. It was designed after Tesla Design Studio's Supercharger monument and wouldn't look out of place inside one of the EV-maker's cars.

It might seem a bit odd, but the company does produce batteries for consumer use, such as the Tesla Powerwall, which is used to supply power to homes, especially in the case of a disaster or power outage.

Tesla slipped a new product onto its website under the radar.

The company has announced the $45 Powerbank, a mobile battery pack for your smartphone. These electronics accessories are designed and manufactured with at most precession and use the same components as of the Tesla electric cars. That's a bit disappointing considering that it would be able to charge most smartphones only once before needing to be rejuvenated.

The power bank has a capacity of 3,350mAh and it costs $45, which is a lot as there are a lot of cheaper alternatives available.

The Desktop Supercharger can be used with any charging cable that features a USB connector. The same 3D CAD data that's used to manufacture that real Superchargers was used to create this model, and even if you don't own a Tesla like me, you've got to appreciate the sleek design of the thing. It's worth noting that Tesla also offers a desktop Supercharger that comes with a USB port for any charging any compatible device. The company also sold a Desktop Supercharger for a while.

Tesla launches powerbank for Android and iOS devices, priced at $45