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EA revamps Need For Speed: Payback progression system

21 November 2017

Slightly increased REP and Bank for finishing an event outside of first place.

Such is the scale of the Star Wars Battlefront 2 outcry that another quieter controversy surrounding microtransactions in EA's Need for Speed Payback has slipped under a lot of people's radars. "And we will keep you updated on our progress". According to the devs, this is the phase one of the changes that coming to the game.

This "progression system" in Need For Speed Payback has changed, but before detailing all of the changes you can watch a video explaining the old system thanks to DriveMag Gaming.

The same increase in rewards also extends to bait crates, which are the catalyst for police chases. The same applies for competing against Roaming Racers. Nonetheless, the changes in Payback's progression system include: the amount of REP earned for each event has been increased, as has the Bank, bait crates give more REP and Bank, Roaming Racer will also increase REP and Bank, Air Suspension will appear more often in Shipments, and you will earn REP and Bank even if you don't win first place.

Increased the amount of Bank awarded by taking part in events.

"Unlike past Need for Speed games, which let you swap out individual parts, Payback takes the Madden/FIFA Ultimate Team approach, with upgrades being tied to randomized Speed Cards". Of course, we're talking about Need for Speed Payback.

Loot crates now reward increased Bank. These changes will be looking to increase the quality and level of parts found in the shops.

The details about the changes came via Reddit post from the development studio behind the racing game, Ghost. The reviews have not been especially kind, and the most critical have lamented the fact that the game's loot box system results in a quite frustrating late-game grind - that can be alleviated via purchasing microtransactions. As usual, they are reminding fans that community feedback is important, just like with Star Wars Battlefront II.

Competing against a Roaming Racer will reward you with increased REP.