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Tillerson says U.S. considers individual sanctions for Myanmar

15 November 2017

"This is violence that is perpetrated against a people who, in any case, have few the human rights that human beings would expect". "They did not threaten, bully or drive out the villagers", it added.

"Expectations have become quite low for ASEAN, an organization infamous for its inability to tackle hard issues". The U.N. has previously said recent violence in the country amounts to ethnic cleansing.

In a statement issued late Monday, the military said it had interviewed thousands of people during a monthlong investigation into the conduct of troops in western Rakhine state after Rohingya insurgents launched a series of deadly attacks there on August 25.

Stressing the importance of holding to account those responsible for human rights abuses and violations, the Security Council statement called for the Government of Myanmar to co-operate with the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

A draft of the final statement expected after week's ASEAN Summit, however, reportedly made only fleeting reference to humanitarian relief for "affected communities" in northern Rakhine State.

Addressing the Rohingya crisis in September, Suu Kyi claimed that "Myanmar does not fear global scrutiny" and that human rights violations would be investigated and "addressed in accordance with strict norms of justice".

"This is not simply a humanitarian catastrophe; it is a human rights crisis with deep roots in longstanding state-sponsored persecution against the Rohingya community".

Burma's military issued its most forceful denial yet that security forces committed atrocities during what the government has called "clearance operations" in the west of the country, saying an internal investigation had absolved them of any wrongdoing in a crisis that has triggered the largest refugee exodus in Asia in decades.

In a recent report, United Nations investigators said such violations may have constituted to crimes against humanity. This was a Myanmar government-sponsored body that pushed to deal with these drivers of the current crisis.

While the worst violence appears to have subsided, those left behind say they are trapped - unable to afford the $50 boat fee, but without the means to eke out a living in the region. The investigators were told only to ask whether soldiers had followed the military's code of conduct, and whether they obeyed the commands they were given by their officers.

"The Myanmar military clearly has no interest in accountability". It has also not allowed officials from the United Nations to undertake an investigation on alleged crimes against humanity.

MPs also criticized ASEAN's principle of non-interference, arguing that the policy hampered an effective response and was being invoked by leaders in a disingenuous manner.

Tillerson and Aung San Suu Kyi, the head of a less than two-year-old civilian administration that has no control over the military, met in Manila on Monday, where they were both attending a regional summit. "It shouldn't even apply in this case, where the issue clearly has huge regional implications", Santiago said.

Tillerson says U.S. considers individual sanctions for Myanmar