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Stove Top offers stuffing-themed 'Thanksgiving Dinner Pants'

15 November 2017

Stove Top desires to help alleviate the problem of feeling stuffed through its limited-edition trousers. But I can count on zero hands the number of times I wanted to wear my stuffing-love on my sleeve. They can stretch to almost two times their original size, so you can feel free to go for that second helping of mashed potatoes, or turkey, or the whole table really. The family's frustration appeared to be diminished by the stretchy trousers. They want you to enjoy thanksgiving with their new "Thanksgiving dinner trousers".

Stove Top, the makers of the popular stuffing, is now offering "Thanksgiving dinner trousers", which stretch to make room for all that turkey. They come in a maroon color with stuffing patterns on the pockets and waistband, and range from size small to extra large.

Stove Top is also donating $10,000 to Feeding America, a hunger-relief charity, for the holiday.

Stove Top offers stuffing-themed 'Thanksgiving Dinner Pants'