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Rugby World Cup 2023 hosts to be decided today

15 November 2017

The World Rugby Council will on Wednesday announce who will host the 2023 Rugby World Cup.

The evaluation report that recommended South Africa appeared to dismiss any possible problem, saying: "SA Rugby confirmed that..."

That is very much the case today, as the governing body have announced that France have had the successful bid.

On Oct. 31, an evaluation report undertaken by World Rugby and third-party experts unanimously picked South Africa as the "optimal choice".

Both Ireland and France went on an offensive following the report.

Based on five weighted criteria, South Africa scored 78.97 percent, France 75.88, and Ireland 72.25.

After the report was published, Irish rugby officials complained to the world rugby authorities about the selection process.

The country has large, ready-made stadiums already available for the World Cup, while most of those contained in Ireland's bid are smaller.

"These clarifications have been addressed with significant supporting detail, and have been shared with the host candidates and World Rugby council".

South Africa won the board's recommendation.

That, it turns out, counted for nothing as France secured their second World Cup since 2007.

Last week it emerged that IRFU chief executive Philip Browne had strongly questioned the scores given to South Africa in the areas of "Stadia" "Security" "Major event hosting experience" and "Financial, commercial and commitments".

"In order for council to have appropriate time to consider all the materials, the window for dialogue is now closed".

The South African bid is expected to win after getting the highest marks in a technical review.

"It would now be very hard for any federation to go against this independent outcome because it would laugh in the face of transparency and process".

Rugby World Cup 2023 hosts to be decided today