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Mozilla Firefox Live With New Version

15 November 2017

When people use Firefox, Google's search box will be on the launch page, prompting users to type in valuable queries that Google can sell ads against.

Firefox Quantum boasts a revamped rendering engine with a new CSS (cascading style sheets) layout engine. The result: a significant speed increase. A comparison video produced by Mozilla shows that Firefox Quantum can load certain popular websites such as Wikipedia faster than Google Inc.'s market leading Chrome. Go on, open some tabs and have some fun. Quantum is one of the biggest improvements to Firefox in recent times, though.

Did you ditch Firefox a while ago after feeling that it was slowing down compared to rival browsers like Chrome?

The company uses its next-generation browser engine (Project Quantum) for improved performance. The new browser is twice as fast the version of Firefox released in 2016.

That was a remarkably terse explanation after the way Mozilla and Yahoo publicized their partnership in November 2014, when they signed a multi-million dollar deal that was to run five years.

You can snag the new browser from Mozilla's site.

In a blog post, Mozilla said Firefox's default search engine will be Google in the U.S., Canada, Hong Kong and Taiwan. It was, to Verizon, which this summer completed a $4.5 billion acquisition of the former Internet giant.

Chrome's USA market share has since doubled to about 60 percent, according to data from analytics provider StatCounter, with Mozilla, Apple Inc and Microsoft Corp browsers capturing the rest. Firefox now controls 13.14 percent of the browser market, behind Chrome's 59.84 and Internet Explorer's 15.09 percent. And if it wasn't already clear that Mozilla owns Pocket, it is now. The tab a user is on gets prioritized over the rest of the tabs, which the company says consequently makes better use of one's system resources.

"No. I just can't see it at this point", said Jack Gold, principal analyst at J. Gold Associates. It will also be available for iOS and Android mobile platforms.

And Firefox's Quantum upgrade isn't that, Gold argued. "It's a futile effort".

Firefox Quantum is now available on Windows, Mac and Linux, with iOS and Android versions set to arrive in the future. It took a year for Firefox to finish the undertaking.

Mozilla Firefox Live With New Version