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GameStop halts used-games subscription service

15 November 2017

"We have elected to temporarily pause the roll out of the new PowerPass subscription service, based on a few program limitations we have identified", a GameStop spokesperson told Kotaku.

The plan wasn't fully scraped, per those sources, as they were supposed to store the materials in the back room, indicating they would be put to use in the future.

It's not clear why the retailer is putting PowerPass, which was in the middle of its soft launch, on hold; Kotaku reports that employees have been ordered to remove all signage about the program from stores and put it in the back rooms. Under its six-month terms, the program would allow customers to take any used game from a local store's catalogue, play it as long as they wished and exchange it for another until the subscription expired.

PowerPass was announced at the end of October and was due to launch in full on November 19.

There is no word when the program will be reinstated. The company will also allow those who had purchased a spot in the program the ability to pick out any Pre-Owned game for free by way of apology for the inconvenience the sudden halt of PowerPass might have caused. And while your subscription is technically now over if you're one of those who signed up, it's not all bad news.

Why GameStop suspended the service right after soft-launching it is unclear.

GameStop's entrance into the game-rental market comes amid the company's continued financial difficulties. At the end of the six months, customers would be allowed to keep one of the games they had rented during that timespan. According to GameStop's spokesperson, the company ran into several issues with the program in testing it for launch. In the meantime, one alternative would be Microsoft's Game Pass program, which gives Xbox owners access to 100 Xbox One and Xbox 360 games for $10 per month.

GameStop halts used-games subscription service