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Escaped Psychiatric Patient From Hawaii Taken Into Custody

15 November 2017

Saito was committed to the hospital outside Honolulu in 1981, two years after he was acquitted in the killing of Sandra Yamashiro. From there, there are published reports that say he boarded an Hawaiian Airlines flight to San Jose.

He was considered extremely risky, Honolulu police said late Tuesday. Saito was also later diagnosed with sexual sadism and necrophilia.

United States Marshal and Federal Bureau of Investigation agents are now on the hunt for the 59-year-old escapee.

Defense attorneys sought to have Saito released in 2000. Authorities describe Saito as extremely risky, yet he was missing for almost 10 hours before hospital officials notified authorities.

"Because he committed murder, no matter how long ago it was, he still has the ability to commit another murder or some other violent crime", the prosecutor said. The staffer informed the station that Saito is a master manipulator and warns the police might "never find him" due to Saito's intelligence and manipulative ways.

Tam thought that someone with a violent past like Saito should closely monitored. It took the hospital eight hours to alert authorities after they realized Saito was missing. "They're given opportunities to explore individual interests and activities", says Dr. Mark Fridovich with the Adult Mental Health Division, Department of Health.

It was not immediately clear under what circumstances Saito left the facility in Kaneohe, a Honolulu suburb.

"He is a psychopathic predator whose mental condition continues to represent a serious danger to the community", deputy Prosecuting Attorney Jeffrey Albert said at the time.

The Hawaii State Hospital is shown in Kaneohe, Hawaii, Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2017.

He walked about a mile once he escaped the hospital and called a cab. "A thorough investigation is now underway to gather more details to identify areas for improvement".

A man acquitted of a 1979 murder by reason of insanity escaped from a Hawaii psychiatric hospital over the weekend, took a taxi to a chartered plane in Honolulu bound for the island of Maui and then boarded another plane to San Jose, California, police said.

The statement continued: "To comply with federal and state privacy laws, the Hawaii Department of Health may not disclose information on Hawaii State Hospital patients". Saito is described as being six feet tall and heavy set with black hair. Authorities are urging the public to not approach or try to apprehend Saito.

Escaped Psychiatric Patient From Hawaii Taken Into Custody