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Dem Reads Trump Tweets During Sessions Hearing

15 November 2017

Jim Jordan, a conservative Republican, had peppered Sessions with allegations that Clinton, then-FBI director James Comey and the Democratic party conspired to undermine Trump.

At a House Judiciary hearing Tuesday, Sessions stressed the "factual basis" that must be met to warrant a special counsel, as Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) grilled him on what Jordan said "looks like" the Federal Bureau of Investigation working with Democrats to push the Trump-Russia dossier. "Each of those are pretty special, factual situations", Sessions said, "and we will use the proper standards".

The Uranium One deal was approved by a committee that included representatives of nine government agencies, one of which was the Clinton-led State Department.

The Washington Post reported Monday US time that Mr Sessions has directed senior prosecutors to investigate alleged wrongdoing by the Clinton Foundation and the controversial sale of a uranium company to Russian Federation when Mrs Clinton was secretary of state in the Obama administration.

It also comes a day after the Justice Department told the chair of the committee, Rep. [John] Danforth took over that investigation as special counsel - and Mr. Mueller. "But my concern is we sent you a letter three and a half months ago asking for a second special counsel".

Sessions insisted in his testimony that he is not leaning one way or the other on the appointment of a new special counsel and that he is awaiting a detailed presentation from senior officials at the Justice Department.

McCarthy also said he thought it was a mistake, legally and politically, for the Justice Department to publicly suggest that it might appoint a special counsel.

It would take a factual basis that meets the standards of the appointment of a special counsel. "We will use the proper standards, and that's the only thing I can tell you, Mr. Jordan".

The committee members say they're also concerned about what they call "potentially unlawful worldwide dealings" and alleged connections between foreign entities and the Clinton campaign or foundation.

"After another heated exchange, Sessions said, "'Looks like' is not enough basis to appoint a special counsel".

The announcement from the Attorney General comes after President Donald Trump's interview last week, where he said he was "sad" and "frustrated" that he was unable to be involved with the Justice Department or the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Trump wrote in a series of tweets.

Dem Reads Trump Tweets During Sessions Hearing