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Dead and Kid Survives in Crash on I-94 Near Detroit

15 November 2017

"My father and I stopped to see if everybody was okay but I was going back down towards the vehicle I seen the two bodies and I had to go stop traffic because if I didn't stop traffic it wouldn't been another awful sight", a witness to the crash told FOX 2 Detroit.

Alesia's 1-year-old son Josiah, is the only survivor of the crash.

The infant was examined for minor injuries at a hospital, and will be sent home with relatives.

A 2-year-old boy was seen walking away from the wreck with firefighters, Local 4 Detroit reported.

John and his father stopped to help, but the driver, 20-year-old Dorii Rogers and her passenger, 20-year-old Alesia Maddox, were dead. They were all Detroit residents.

Police believe speed was a factor, but they have not determined the exact cause. State police say all four adults that were inside the SUV died. The SUV crossed three lanes of traffic and struck the bridge.

The two 18-year-old backseat passengers, siblings Armonie Maddox and Ervin Johnson, were also not wearing seatbelts, but they were ejected from the auto and both died at the scene.

They were not wearing seatbelts, but they were not thrown from the auto because they were pinned inside by the impact of the crash, Shaw said.

He said his father helped rescue the 1-year-old from the auto.

Shannon Thurman lives in the area and said this stretch of I-94 always has been a problem. "And I can tell you from experience people fly down this stretch going 80 miles per hour, don't think about it. It happens all the time".

The two men were ejected from the vehicle and were found on the interstate.

Dead and Kid Survives in Crash on I-94 Near Detroit