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Ben Affleck wants a 'cool way to segue out' of DCEU

15 November 2017

"I've done 40 or something movies and this really stood out as special and enormous and bigger than all the people involved".

Justice League makes its big debut this Friday, November 17.

A solo movie for Affleck's Bruce Wayne, long known as The Batman, has always been in the cards, but never given an actual release date.

We are less than a week out from the eagerly anticipated DC superhero team-up film, Justice League.

Ezra Miller's role as The Flash has received plenty of good reception.

"The irony is that he's not a particularly collaborative guy and yet here he's thrust into the position of not only having to work with a team, but having to actually put the team together". "They're really nice to me until I do something wrong". What that means for The Batman is anyone's guess.

Batman, Wonder Woman and more. It's not like she's some floozy - she's this very substantial, powerful female character in his life. "And everyone watching this movie is going to identify with the "at the between" characters and the similarities between characters as well".

Ben Affleck is seeking a "cool way to segue out" of the DC Extended Universe. Today's Nerdist News is using our Mother Box to reveal how Justice League's reception may affect the previously announced DCEU films.

Most of the $US300 million movie was directed by Zack Snyder before he had to step back after the tragic death of his daughter. Whether it will have staying power at the theaters remains to be seen. And to see that different manifestation of Batman and his whole different style.

In interviews, Roven and cast members pledged their loyalty to Snyder and his vision for the franchise, one they say incorporated a changing tone before Whedon's involvement.

Deborah Snyder says Justice League 2 "would be amazing" but DC's lineup is already plenty busy. "And that's kind of the plot of our film - in times that are dire, uniting, finding each other and goodness in each other and trusting each other and each other's talents and abilities".

"Justice League" is the kind of production that, one suspects, its makers will celebrate the release of with a stiff drink.

It's also a turning point in the larger DC cinematic world.

While this doesn't give us too much insight into the character himself, it does speak to the more simplified approach this film is taking. No one is seriously questioning whether Justice League will have a big opening weekend.

Ben Affleck wants a 'cool way to segue out' of DCEU