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Voting begins today for striking Ontario college faculty

14 November 2017

The increasingly bitter Ontario College strike is entering its fifth week with no end in sight.

Half a million students across the province have been in limbo since the strike began October 16.

The Ontario government has ordered the colleges to create a fund to help students who may be experiencing financial hardship because of the strike.

However, that is contingent on a faculty vote this week on the College Employer Council's final offer.

The Labour Board announced that it's set to hold a faculty vote on the employer offer-a vote the OPSEU isn't on board with. Some of the issues students are facing include paying for unexpected costs like additional rent or canceling long-standing travel plans to be home with their families. I have just spoken with student leadership from the College Student Alliance and have asked them for their advice and for feedback from their membership.

The letter from the president comes as the 150 full-time and partial-load faculty at the college prepare to begin voting today on the latest offer made to Ontario college faculty by the College Employer Council on November 6.

"I'm not going to pre-empt a vote that needs to take into account the position of all of the members", Premier Kathleen Wynne said last week. My concern is to get the students back to class.

"Students from every campus in Ontario will be filling the hallways and classes of Ontario colleges, to show to everyone, we are ready to learn", the organization says in an email sent to media outlets.

"The union is telling you that this is a different offer than what we worked on with the union - one with concessions, one that will harm faculty". "The best way for the colleges to reach a collective agreement is to negotiate, not to force a vote on an offer that has already been rejected by the faculty bargaining team".

"Nothing has been removed, nothing has been added that will negatively impact faculty - these are positive gains", she said.

Voting begins today for striking Ontario college faculty