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Trump's Asia trip ends as it begins: shadowed by Russian Federation

14 November 2017

The United Nations Human Rights Commission urged the Philippines to launch a murder investigation into Duterte's claims he killed three people - and the deaths as part of his war on drugs. Duterte should stop idolizing and playing puppet to Trump.

Though presented with several opportunities to do so, President Donald Trump reportedly did not raise any concerns about human rights abuses or the "bloodstained" drug war being carried out by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte during a face-to-face meeting on Monday.

The PM will also attend the East Asia Summit, which includes ASEAN and its eight dialogue partners - Australia, China, India, Japan, New Zealand, the Republic of Korea, Russia, and the United States. While some have welcomed the burgeoning Duterte-Trump bromance as a much-needed respite for a troubled alliance, others have been critical of the USA president's open embrace of strongmen like Duterte. "I take care of my country", Duterte said.

Trump said during a news conference Sunday in Vietnam that he believes US intelligence agencies, which have concluded Russian Federation interfered in the 2016 USA presidential election to help him win. "We do not talk about these things because, first of all, they are not true; and the second is, we do not do it", Duterte said on Sunday upon his arrival from the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit in Vietnam.

"As to whether I believe it, I'm with our agencies", Trump said. A lot of the issues that underpin the U.S.

Former CIA director John Brennan, appearing Sunday on CNN's "State of the Union", said Trump was deriding them in an attempt to "delegitimize" the intelligence community's assessment.

"I think he's giving Putin a pass and I think it demonstrates to Putin that Donald Trump can be played by foreign leaders who are going to appeal to his ego and play upon his insecurities", Brennan said.

"As the American people and peoples of the world condemned US president Trump for its war-mongering and outright repression in the US, Duterte is inevitable to follow, as the number of poor Filipinos fed up of his empty promises and pointless rhetorics, are mounting, it is a matter of time for him to follow the footsteps of his idol dictator and ousted Ferdinand Marcos", Casilao said.

Mr Trump has faced criticism for praising Mr Duterte during a phone call for the "great job" he was doing to counter illegal narcotics.

Multiple congressional committees are also investigating.

"He (Trump) made the assurance that President Duterte has a friend in the person of President Trump, that he is an ally since he was elected into office", Roque said.

Trump's Asia trip ends as it begins: shadowed by Russian Federation