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Security scare at Orlando Airport prompts review

14 November 2017

The TSA in Orlando released surveillance video of an agent moving a smoking bag near the airport's security checkpoint.

"Our TSA Team's performance was outstanding".

"Some witnesses panicked and self-evacuated the area", Greater Orlando Aviation Authority CEO Phil Brown said in a statement. Perez said the pillars would have blocked a potential blast from passengers.

"There was a loud sound that startled people, but no shots fired, no danger to public".

Orlando International Airport leaders met Monday to discuss how the airport handled an incident last week in which a camera battery exploded creating widespread panic and what they learned.

A courageous security official grabbed a suspicious bag that began smoking at a U.S. airport and moved it away from crowds of passengers.

The incident was first reported just after 5 p.m., airport officials said in a statement. Many passengers fled through the security checkpoints and into the terminal.

The OPD Twitter post did not go into detail about what had caused the loud sound.

New footage from the Orlando International Airport shows what happened during a scary incident that led to flight cancelations, delays and an evacuation of the airport.

Brown said the incident was ruled an accident by the Orlando Police Department.

"In an abundance of precaution the TSA directed the airport to have all passengers at every gate be brought back to the main terminal for rescreening, including all that had boarded a departing flight and those on aircraft awaiting to take off". The Federal Aviation Administration allows lithium ion batteries under 100 watt hours in carry-on luggage, which includes most consumer-sized batteries for cell phones, cameras and other personal electronic devices. Officials said they used bullhorns.