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Louisiana man arrested trying to get into North Korea

14 November 2017

"Our military has taken in a North Korean soldier after he crossed from a North Korea post towards our Freedom House", the statement said, referring to a building on the South side of the village which is bisected by the border.

"The military has raised its alertness against the North Korean military's possible provocations and is maintaining its full readiness posture", a military official said, according to Yonhap.

Surgeons had removed five bullets from the soldier's body, leaving two inside, Suh added, to murmurs from lawmakers who said the soldier's escape was "right out of a movie".

From 2012 to 2016, only four North Korean troops are known to have defected to South Korea.

Three U.S. aircraft carriers steam in formation in the East Sea, leading South Korean and U.S. warships during the allies' joint naval exercise on November 12, 2017, in this photo provided by South Korea's Navy.

It is the second major incident to rock the heavily fortified DMZ after a North Korean guard was shot trying to flee the communist nation.

Roh said no South Korean or USA soldiers were wounded during the incident and the defense ministry official said North Korea's military was not showing any unusual movements on Tuesday. They stand only several yards away from tall South Korean soldiers wearing aviator sunglasses and standing motionless like statues. It's created as a buffer zone when the three-year Korean War ended with an armistice in 1953.

It said an investigation into Monday's event was ongoing. More than a million mines are believed to be buried inside the zone.

The defection came at a time of heightened tension over North Korea's nuclear weapons program, and as President Trump wraps up a 12-day visit to Asia.

In 1984, North Korean and U.N. Command soldiers traded gunfire after a Soviet citizen defected by sprinting to the South Korean sector of the truce village.

Remarks by Xi reflect ongoing Chinese concern over the missile defense systemChina's decision to raise the THAAD deployment during the South Korea-China summit puts the spotlight back on an issue assumed to have been settled during deliberations on October 31. In September, it carried out its sixth and largest nuclear test - of what it described as "a hydrogen bomb".

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Louisiana man arrested trying to get into North Korea