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Lambie to quit parliament over citizenship

14 November 2017

The Tasmanian independent senator Jacqui Lambie has confirmed she will resign from parliament because she is a dual citizen but she has vowed to press on with her political career.

An independent Australian senator, who is British by descent, has become the eighth lawmaker to leave Parliament in recent months over a 116-year-old constitutional ban on dual nationals running for office that threatens to bring down the government.

Amid calls to amend the constitution and allow dual citizens to sit in Parliament, Senator Lambie said politicians should just "suck it up", deal with their mistakes and then run for Parliament again.

"I love my father to death and hope to not blame him for this".

She formally announced her resignation from the Senate on Tuesday afternoon in a tearful speech that listed a number of her achievements as a crossbench senator.

"He has done nothing for which to apologise and he has been my strongest supporter, my loudest cheer squad and my closest adviser".

"It is not because of him that I am leaving this place".

Lambie joins an illustrious gang of parliament rejects after Former Senate President Stephen Parry, One Nation's Malcolm Roberts, Greens Scott Ludlam and Larissa Waters, and Nick Xenophon fell on their swords over Section 44. "It's because of him that I'm here in the first place".

Her replacement in the Senate will be determined by the High Court.

"I'd certainly have a good look at it. you can't keep a bloody Lambie down", she said.

The citizenship crisis has so far claimed two lower house MPs - Barnaby Joyce and John Alexander - forcing December byelections in their seats of New England and Bennelong respectively, and plunging the Turnbull government into precarious minority rule.

Last week, the Tasmanian told the ABC she was satisfied she had "no concerns" about being a dual citizen because of her father.

"There'll be checking like there's no tomorrow, so I don't think this will be an issue", she said.

It's understood Lambie only learnt about her British ancestry last week.

As with the other recently disqualified senators, Senator Lambie's position would normally go to the next person on her Jacqui Lambie Network ticket in the 2016 election, following a recount.

Lambie to quit parliament over citizenship