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Korea joint exercise in Sea of Japan gets underway

14 November 2017

Assigned Strike force Units will conduct series of operations in global waters to practice the US Naval force's unique ability to operate different carrier strike groups as a fully coordinated military team.

This is the first time the three supercarriers are sailing together in the same region in almost 10 years, making it clear that the Trump administration is determined to flex its muscles against the Kim Jong-un regime.

The exercise involves three USA aircraft carrier groups, making it the largest show of force in a decade.

A three-carrier show of force - the USS Ronald Reagan, USS Theodore Roosevelt, and USS Nimitz - was displayed by the U.S. Navy in the western Pacific Ocean over the weekend while performing exercises with South Korea and Japanese ships.

While in the water, the strike force intends to conduct air defense exercise, surveillance, refill at sea, coordinated moves, defensive air combat strategies, and much more.

A video of the three carriers sailing with its strike groups off the Korean peninsula was posted on YouTube by the U.S. Navy Institute Sunday. The official added that exercises closest to Korea involved USA and South Korean ships, while those closest to Japan involved US and Japanese forces.

The MSDF destroyers Inazuma, Makinami and Ise joined the carriers USS Ronald Reagan, USS Nimitz and USS Theodore Roosevelt, along with a dozen or so other U.S. Navy ships that make up the three U.S. strike groups. "We sent three of the largest aircraft carriers in the world (to the Korean Peninsula) and a nuclear submarine is also positioned", the American president warned Pyongyang soon after he landed in South Korea.

In a commentary released on November 11, the Korean Central News Agency, North Korea's official media outlet, accused the United States of heightening tensions in the region and provoking an arms race.

For more than seven decades, the US Pacific Fleet has been an active and stabilized component conducting strike force operations in the region.

However, Pyongyangs state news agency accused the USA and South Korea of attempting to escalate tensions in the region.

Korea joint exercise in Sea of Japan gets underway