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Facebook and Messenger will now share the same Stories

14 November 2017

Someone in the company must have realized that, because it's making things just a bit less puzzling by merging Facebook Stories and Messenger Day.

Another update concerns Facebook Lite, where users who have been using this app may soon be able to post Facebook Stories as well. Gone are the days of tediously reuploading your Story on each and every platform and app on your phone; you can now choose to upload your Story to both Facebook and Messenger at the very same time, or have your Instagram story instantly appear across all your feeds. "Now, it's quicker and easier to capture and share moments as they happen with the people you care about most!" . Facebook then made a decision to launch a similar feature to its main app called Facebook Stories, then to WhatsApp called Status, as well as on its Messenger app called Messenger Day. Posts including images and short clips still appear for 24 hours. "We've learned a lot since we launched Stories on Facebook in March", he said.

Facebook first swiped the Snapchat feature with Instagram Stories, giving users on that service a way to publish content that is contained in an area accessible via a bubble. The feature was copied from Instagram which had copied Snapchat.

One thing though, while Facebook will focus on AR masks and effects, its sister app Messenger, will focus on adding captions and stylized text inviting friends to hang out. Facebook Stories recently followed, but for users on the social network.

And before we forget, Facebook is introducing collaborative stories for groups and events. "We feel like it would make sense". "If you are attending a party or going to a big concert with a lot of people, you want to see that event from multiple angles". Users can contribute to a Story for an event like a wedding and this will be open to the rest of the group.