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Ex-colleague: Texas church gunman scared her

14 November 2017

Tessa Brennaman, 25, was married to Devin Kelley for 18 months, filing for divorce in October 2012.

According to "Inside Edition", Brennaman said Kelley once pulled a gun and held it to her head while they were driving on an empty road.

Meanwhile, parishioners who survived the slaughter at First Baptist Church of Sutherland said Friday that a week before the massacre, Kelley acted bizarrely.

The Texas church gunman's first wife is breaking her silence about how the man she once knew as warm and friendly descended into violence.

Jessika Edwards tells The New York Times that she worked with Devin Patrick Kelley near the end of his military career in 2011. He pleaded guilty in 2012 to assaulting Brennaman and fracturing her young son's skull.

Legal experts told Stars and Stripes another reason the Air Force could lose any lawsuits brought against it is its failure to enter Kelley's conviction potentially constitutes negligence, and lawsuits against the government claiming negligence are allowed to proceed in court.

The obsession was so pronounced, Edwards said, that when Kelley was disciplined for poor performance she told her bosses to "back off or he would shoot the place up".

After serving his sentence, he received a "bad conduct" discharge from the Air Force in 2014.

Now years later, she said she's heartbroken over the tragic events on November 5.

A motive for the mass shooting remains unclear, but Kelley appears to have targeted a church that was long attended by his second wife Danielle Shield's family.

Jackie Lee says she asked her friends on Facebook if anyone would be willing to come with her from San Antonio this weekend to visit the memorial and the church.

"He would say 'isn't it cool?"

Saturday was the first chance many people had to visit the small town since last Sunday's attack, in which more than two-dozen people were killed. Almost half of the shooting victims had ties to the U.S. Air Force. Jackson, the county's top administrator, says the scene will affect them the rest of their lives.

An Air Force official has said that 12 of the victims had direct connections to the Air Force, "either members or with family ties".

The shooter then died of a self-inflicted wound after being shot and chased by two residents when he was leaving the church, authorities said.

The basis for a lawsuit could stem from the fact that the Air Force failed to enter the shooter Devin Kelley's information into an Federal Bureau of Investigation database after he had been convicted in 2012 of domestic violence, which would have prohibited him from possessing firearms, Stars and Stripes reports.

Ex-colleague: Texas church gunman scared her