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DC Comics Editor Eddie Berganza Fired After Sexual Harassment Claims

14 November 2017

Berganza, responsible for overseeing such titles as Superman and Wonder Woman, was accused by several women of unwanted sexual advances in a Buzzfeed report last week. "While we can not comment on specific personnel matters, DC takes allegations of discrimination and harassment very seriously, promptly investigates reports of misconduct and disciplines those who violate our standards and policies". Berganza still received the promotion, but was demoted to group editor in 2012 after another woman said he kissed her without her consent at a comics convention.

Within comics culture, Berganza's alleged behavior has for years been an open secret, the subject of blunt gossip and open speculation. Before he was sacked, he was overseeing Dark Knights: Metal, a special series that is reportedly one of DC's biggest-selling titles.

Following a report of years of unchecked sexual harassment allegations, longtime DC Comics editor Eddie Berganza was sacked from the company on Monday.

Warner Bros. and its DC Entertainment brand reached out to Buzzfeed to say the firing of Berganza is an example that the company is, "committed to eradication harassment".

In 2010, former DC editor Janelle Asselin organized a group of employees to report a joint complaint to HR about Berganza, who continued to rise through the ranks and was named executive editor later that year.

She once wrote in the Guardian about Berganza, 'the drunk superior at an offsite office party who locked his arm around my shoulders, trying to pull me towards him for a kiss'.

Asselin described Berganza's promotion to executive editor as 'massively demoralising'.

The accusations first came to light in a piece on Buzzfeed, which reported that DC promoted Berganza even after at least two women allegedly reported that he forcibly kissed and grope them. In 2012, DC announced that Berganza's job was being changed to group editor, as he was seemingly replaced by newly-appointed Editorial Director Bobbi Chase.

"There will be a prompt and yet careful review into next steps as it relates to the allegations against him, and the concerns our talent, employees and fans have shared", the company initially said. She told BuzzFeed that all the women she knew who were involved in the complaint eventually left DC.

DC Comics Editor Eddie Berganza Fired After Sexual Harassment Claims