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Black Friday Facts Retailers Don't Want You To Know

14 November 2017

"Some of the would-be Black Friday specials are now offered in early November", said Connecticut Better Business Bureau spokesman Howard Schwartz in the release.

But as Vincent says, the other trend is to begin offering Black Friday deals well before the holiday even happens.

Retail analysts refer to this phenomenon as a shadow of black Friday, where sales are usually limited to the day after the commencement of Thanksgiving during the month.

Chances are there will be a lot of well priced Nintendo Switch bundles over Black Friday. With prices this good it'll be hard to resist.

In order to guarantee these prices, "eBay works closely with our sellers to source top-quality and in-demand deals at the best prices available", Jesse Kiefer, Director and General Manager of eBay Deals, explained to Fortune in a statement.

The agency provides several suggestions as people look forward to the traditional big holiday shopping days like "Black Friday" and "Cyber Monday".

Find a live updating page of the best Gaming Laptop Black Friday deals on the Black Friday Dealer website.

The shopping bonanza will last all weekend, and is followed by Black Friday's online equivalent Cyber Monday on November 27. For instance, large retailers might apply their deepest discounts to TVs with a specific model number, which makes it hard to be sure you're doing an apples-to-apples comparison. Only rookies head out on Black Friday unprepared. But it won't just be high end products on offer, there is sure to be a great range of televisions for every budget, so whether you're looking for a portable for your bedroom or a brand new behemoth for the lounge... this will be the day for you!

The new deals include discounts on tablets, HD TV/DVD combos, Dyson vacuum cleaners, Amazon Dot devices, Xbox One S consoles and many more besides. Signing up for Black Friday shopping alerts will get you the early word on promotions, coupons, and discounts. Another 23 percent said it is when they start their holiday shopping. But, there are plenty of ways to indulge in the deals without subjecting your family to the headaches of a Black Friday spent in overcrowded department stores.

Black Friday Facts Retailers Don't Want You To Know