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A SUPER MARIO Movie May Be in the Works

14 November 2017

Mario needs no introduction, of course, being Nintendo's iconic mascot and the star of any number of classic video games. The Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo led adventure comedy has maintained such a sour reputation that it's looked like no one would ever dare to attempt a Mario movie again.

The production was a total mess, resulting in four different directors working on it and costly production overruns.

You might feel happier by knowing that Nintendo is expected to bring Mario to Hollywood as according to a report published by the Wall Street Journal. Let's face it, Illumination are one of the best animation houses out there at the moment, so they're more than flawless to bring a new Super Mario Brothers movie to the screen.

Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto is said to have been playing a key part in the negotiations and could serve as a producer on any eventual film.

Nintendo has famously been hesitant to allow its franchises to be adapted into movies. Right now, the deal is one for one movie, but there is potential for more.

This reveal comes on the heels of the mammothly successful Super Mario Odyssey video game for the Nintendo Switch, and is likely a great move to help capitalize on the character's continuing success. Just hit the buttons on the top of this page.

If all things work out well, it's possible that we'll see Mario returning to the big screen in the future.