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IPhone X screen can become unresponsive in cold weather

13 November 2017

Some X owners posted pictures and reporting an issue on social media of a bright green line that runs down the edge of the phone's OLED display.

Apple has reportedly provided a new device to one of the users who complained about the problem, but failed to provide an explanation for it. Last week, some users found that the iPhone X's screen freezes in cold temperatures.

The green line doesn't appear on the display when users first turn the phone on apparently, but spontaneously shows on screen after a short period of normal usage, reports MacRumors who cited users from the US, Canada, Poland, and Australia as having experienced the glitch.

Apple has responded in a statement to The Loop.

As with every iPhone launch, a few issues have popped up affecting early iPhone X customers.

How Many Devices Are Affected By The iPhone X Speaker Buzzing?

The internet was soon awash with comments of a 'Green Line of Death'.

When Does The Buzzing Occur?

The issue doesn't seem to be connected to any particular type of configuration or iOS version.

You may not be aware, but the iPhone X's earpiece is also a speaker. Thus far, all reports have suggested the issue is with the earpiece speaker, and not the speaker at the bottom of the device.

The weather in the New York City area where I live hasn't gotten cold enough yet for me to notice the problem on my X but with temperatures expected to drop this weekend I'll see if I too experience any issues.

Separately, users have taken to Twitter and Reddit to complain about the issue. The update also fixes the issue posed by a bug disrupting the use of Siri, Apple's voice assistant.

While it is possible that they will replace your device, and the new device will show the same problems, you should still be entitled to another new device when the issue is finally resolved (if it's a hardware issue rather than something which can be fixed via firmware update).