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Google Shows How Its Google Pixel 2 Smartphones Produce Great Videos

13 November 2017

Members of the Pixel User Community website are reporting that the screen has little or no responsiveness at its edges, resulting in certain taps or gestures going unrecognized. Now, multiple users have experienced trouble in operating the Google Assistant via Bluetooth headphones in Pixel 2 devices, however, Pixel 2 XL customers have reported unresponsive touch near the edges of the display. While the handset activates the Assistant once the "OK Google" hotword is passed through the connected headphones, the virtual assistant doesn't listen to any commands.

The bad news is that if you didn't drop $159 back in early October, sight-unseen, and now you're regretting that decision, it'll be over a month until new Pixel Bud orders start shipping, according to Google's retail site. For all I know, many Pixel 2 owners have never even heard music. Moreover, the disability is reportedly limited to the Assistant as the connected headphones don't restrict any audio from their microphone and work flawlessly on phone calls. He revealed that Google is now working on a fix to solve the problem. The original poster noticed that while sliding his finger along the screen's edges worked as expected, his taps along the edges were not always registered. After a volley of reports and bug feedback, community manager Orrin Hancock said that Google has been investigating and that the problem "will be addressed in a future OTA update".