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Actress Ellen Page accuses director Brett Ratner of making homophobic comments

12 November 2017

In her post, Page called on "Hollywood to wake up and start taking some responsibility for how we all have played a role in this".

You can read the full post here and see that she has inspired thousands of young women across the world to come forward with their story of sexual abuse. "I had yet to find my voice and was not who I am now and felt pressured, because 'of course you have to say yes to this Woody Allen film, '" she wrote.

Page said that the incident occurred at a cast meet-and-greet before filming began on X Men: The Last Stand, which was directed by Ratner. I was eighteen and had no tools to know how to handle the situation'.

In a lengthy Facebook post Friday, actress Ellen Page accused filmmaker Brett Ratner of sexual misconduct.

Ellen Page and Brett Ratner.

"They can't have a movie rooted in women's empowerment being part-financed by a man accused of sexual misconduct against women". Page, who came out as a lesbian in 2014, says she felt "violated" by his alleged remark.

"He "outed" me with no regard for my well-being, an act we all recognise as homophobic". I proceeded to watch him on set say degrading things to women. I was an actor that no one knew.

'Ratner's comment replayed in my mind many times over the years as I encountered homophobia and coped with feelings of reluctance and uncertainty about the industry and my future in it, ' she writes.

She went on to say that during filming, she and Ratner got into an "altercation" when she refused to wear a shirt that said "Team Ratner" despite his insistence. Months later, the actress said she was assaulted by a grip and was asked by a director to sleep with a man and tell him about it. Terri Goddard, who worked as an assistant at New Line, said Ratner had a reputation for ogling assistants, making them uncomfortable and creating an unpleasant enough work environment that led to several employees expressing their concerns with HR.

"If I, a person with significant privilege, remain reluctant and at such risk simply by saying a person's name, what are the options for those who do not have what I have?"

"Let's remember the epidemic of violence against women in our society disproportionately affects low income women, particularly women of color, trans and queer women and indigenous women, who are silenced by their economic circumstances and profound mistrust of a justice system that acquits the guilty in the face of overwhelming evidence and continues to oppress people of color".

He has recently been accused of harassment, assault and rape - claims he denies.

She also adds, 'I did a Woody Allen movie and it is the biggest regret of my career. "I am ashamed I did this". That's really the thing that all these stories have in common: Men in power abusing their power as other men in power enable them and suppress the voices of their victims.

'This is a long awaited reckoning.

The actress explains that she had not come out to herself at the stage: "I knew I was gay, but did not know, so to speak".

Actress Ellen Page accuses director Brett Ratner of making homophobic comments