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Logitech is offering Harmony Link owners a free Hub following backlash

10 November 2017

"The certificate will not be renewed as we are focusing resources on our current app-based remote, the Harmony Hub", Logi_WillWong wrote, suggesting Logitech is ending the life cycle of the Harmony Link to push users to its new product. Link owners have been offered a discount on upgrades but, unsurprisingly, are not happy.

In response to backlash from users across the Internet, Logitech said on Thursday that it will be replacing all Harmony Link devices with a complementary Harmony Hub. The company notified owners that the six year old gadget - which allows functions previously demanding multiple remote controls to be controlled by a single smartphone app - would be unexpectedly rendered useless next March, in an email this week.

We also developed this FAQ to address ongoing questions regarding this change. Customers can also go to Logitech's contact page to arrange to receive a replacement device.

Q: Why can't you just patch the product or extend the license?

Logitech recently announced that it would be discontinuing service and support for its Harmony Link smart hub. The Harmony Link hasn't been sold since 2015 but still has a small active user base. We're now reaching out to all affected customers to provide an option for replacement.

While that logic is somewhat understandable, if frustrating for users, it gets worse when you take a look at how Logitech has treated the Link. This includes keeping the conversation productive by monitoring the language used and automatically blocking profanity or personal attacks. What's really interesting is that Logitech has apparently banned the use of the word "class action lawsuit" from its Reddit page, where angry users of the Link are making their voices heard. For instance, the company admits to censoring the term "class action lawsuit" as its support forums do not allow for solicitation. We have unblocked the terms and are reviewing our list of blocked terms. It is possible, some people may have confused this with a sale for our Harmony Hub product. Deliberately bricking those products while encouraging them to migrate to a newer model is, on the other hand, a considerably rarer thing to do - though consumers should be wary that with the rise of networked home electronics, companies can choose to turn off their tech at the flick of a button.

Logitech is offering Harmony Link owners a free Hub following backlash