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Apple working on AR headset, may be ready by 2020

10 November 2017

Corning, a key Apple supplier ever since the introduction of the original iPhone 10 years ago, has been working on dedicated glass wafers for augmented reality (AR) glasses and mixed reality headsets.

CEO Tim Cook has already spoken enthusiastically about AR in the press, the report noted.

The headset should come with a specially designed chip for powering it, display, and it should be based on a new standalone operating system designed specifically for the kit called "rOS" (reality operating system).

Apple's aggressive timeline for the augmented reality headset might still change.

Apple is rumored to be working on its next revolutionary product, in the form of an augmented reality headset that could be sold as early as 2020. "Put simply, we believe AR is going to change the way we use technology forever".

The product is part of several new gadgets being crafted under the T288 code name, Bloomberg said. The operating system would be based on the iOS platform that powers Apple's mobile devices and would allow users to access apps and download content. Geoff Stahl, formerly a software manager for games and graphics at Apple, is one of the directors of the "rOS" software group.

In search of a new product to make a breakthrough and surpass the iPhone, the U.S. technology company Apple is pointing in an interesting direction.

"Today I can tell you that the technology itself doesn't exist to do that in a quality way", Cook said. The team are also building out applications, including messaging, virtual meetings, 360 video and navigation, and there are plans to potentially build out an App Store for the hardware.

Apple hasn't finalized how users will control the headset and launch apps, but is investigating touch panels, voice-activation via Siri and head gestures. Testing is being carried out on HTC Vive VR headsets and devices that are similar to Oculus' Samsung Gear VR headsets.

With a new display format on the way, developers can expect a heavily revised version of ARKit within the year.

Apple working on AR headset, may be ready by 2020