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Colombia Announces Record Cocaine Seizure

09 November 2017

The drug was found in four farms in the Uraba region, home to the Gaitanista Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AGC), a paramilitary group accused of also being the country's largest drug gang.

President Juan Manuel Santos on Wednesday announced Colombia's police had seized 12 tons of cocaine, which he said was the largest single drug seizure in the history of the country.

Santos said the drugs belonged to the AGC, called the Gulf Clan by authorities.

Colombia has claimed its biggest ever cocaine haul - and put the whole 12 tons on display.

Four people were arrested during the three-day operation leading to the drug seizure, according to a police statement. Police estimated the value of the seized cocaine around $360 million.

The United Nations and the White House say coca and cocaine production surged previous year in Colombia. Both say coca and cocaine production surged past year in Colombia.

Additionally, the government is targeting the groups that use drug trafficking either for criminal or political purposes.

The seizure comes as the United States, Colombia's main ally in the fight against drug trafficking, has raised concerns over an increase in coca cultivation. The gang, formed by former paramilitaries belonging to extremist right armed groups, announced in early September that it wanted an agreement to be closed in order for its members to surrender to the authorities after the intensive operations against them carried out by the authorities last two years.