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New Hospital Beds For Windsor Ahead Of Flu Season

24 October 2017

Marie will each receive eight new beds.

The Ontario government is spending $100 million to add hundreds of new beds to hospitals across the province to address the issue of overcrowded wards ahead of what's expected to be a bad flu season.

"Given the extraordinary pressures now facing Ontario's health-care system, it is imperative that hospitals, home and community service providers and government work together and do everything possible to ensure that Ontarians have appropriate access to health services".

They were forced to open beds in "unconventional spaces" such as meeting rooms to handle the large volume.

Health and Long-Term Care Minister Eric Hoskins announced that there will be an additional 2,000 beds and spaces in the community to reduce wait times.

An additional 13 beds/spaces will be added throughout the region, as well as 21 short-term transitional care spaces in Barrie in Brechin.

The other 800 "spaces" are for affordable housing units "for seniors who need community supports when they are discharged from hospital" with about 500 of the 800 for "transitional care spaces outside of hospital for up to 1,700 patients who don't require care in hospital".

Asked how many hospital beds will be added to NHH which is now operating with 137, Rinaldi said "we will have details very shortly" meaning later Monday or on Tuesday.

"Ontario needs a long-term plan to rebuild capacity in our public hospitals to meet population need", said coalition executive director Natalie Mehra. "We have to get to a place, and we have to get there very soon, where we have the right kinds of services so that people are getting the exact right care in the right place at the right time".

This past year has been a particularly tough one for hospitals.

"We've been sounding the alarm bells, as have the doctors and nurses and the Ontario Hospital Association", Horwath said.

The province has delivered a "substantial" injection of additional bed space - 167 in local hospitals and home care - to ease the seasonal flu-related patient surge that past year created an over-capacity crisis at Windsor Regional Hospital.

While Despatie is optimistic the announcement could mean work on more permanent solutions down the road, the Ontario Council of Hospital Unions is taking a dimmer view.

Progressive Conservative legislator Todd Smith said the new beds are a good start but don't go far enough to address overcrowding.

New Hospital Beds For Windsor Ahead Of Flu Season