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Montreal driver fined for 'screaming in a public place'

24 October 2017

"I was singing the refrain 'Everybody Dance Now, ' but it wasn't loud enough to disturb anyone".

Taoufik Moalla was in his vehicle, belting out his favourite song - a 1990s dance hit - when he suddenly found himself surrounded by four Montreal police officers.

He thought the officers were trying to get past, but they were signalling for him to pull over.

He was pulled over on Sainte-Croix Avenue and four Montreal police officers came up to look into his vehicle, he said.

"They asked me if I was screaming". He replied that no, he was simply singing along like anyone else-as he later told CTV News, "just if you are happy and you like this song".

He was on his way home after doing some shopping when the popular track started playing.

At least, that's one possible reason why 39-year-old Taoufik Moalla was pulled over and given a $149 ticket for "screaming in public". "But I was very shocked".

Montreal police said Monday they wouldn't comment on specific tickets and said Moalla can challenge it in court.

"If they found that everything was OK and there was no danger, they should have told me to continue on my way ... but not a $149 fine", he said.

For his defense, he just plans to tell the judge how he got the ticket.

"She told me, if it was for singing, I'd have given you a ticket for $300", he told CTV Montreal.

'Imagine if the Canadiens won a game, ' he said.

Moalla told the CBC that while he understood that police may want to see what's going on in a vehicle where someone seems to be screaming, he's "upset" by the magnitude of the fine. "But to give me a ticket for that is a bit odd".

A question for the Montreal police: How do you not sing to this song?

Meanwhile, Moalla's fight for the right to sing along with '90s dance hits isn't getting much sympathy from his wife.

Montreal driver fined for 'screaming in a public place'