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George Clooney Talks About Wife Amal's Experience With Sexual Harassment

23 October 2017

He called for fundamental changes and said even his wife has seen the harassment, "My wife is a very smart, very together, very accomplished human rights lawyer and she said there have been times in my life, in the law community I had to tell someone to knock it off, so it happens everywhere". "He was proud of that". "I'd like to know that", said Clooney. I wouldn't want to be married to the guy, but that's not my business, really.

While Damon said he knew the disgraced movie mogul was a "womanizer", but never thought his behavior crossed the line of "criminal sexual predation", Clooney basically said he never believed that any actress would willingly sleep with Weinstein.

As previously reported, Paltrow, 45, told The New York Times earlier this month that Weinstein, 65, invited her to his hotel suite in 1996 for a work meeting that allegedly ended with him asking for a massage. Clooney described Weinstein's behaviour as "indefensible" and said he had "never seen any of this behavior-ever". But I knew that they had come to whatever, you know, agreement or understanding that they had come to, she had handled it. I knew that story, but I was working with Gwyneth, with Harvey, on [The Talented Mr. Ripley]. I think we have to get to the point where women feel safe to talk about this, where they feel believed and the men that do this don't feel safe.

"I didn't think they were having affairs with Harvey, and clearly they didn't".

"You just needed to go through five minutes with Harvey Weinstein to know he was a harasser; he was threatening", Matt Damon disclosed to Michael Strahan on Good Morning America at the beginning of today.

Clooney added that there has to be a comeuppance for "all of the people who were part of" this, which will hopefully "scare away this kind of behavior".

Clooney, then, recognized Weinstein gloated to him about ladies with whom he guaranteed to have had illicit relationships.

Damon also alleged that Weinstein "didn't do it out in the open." . Some, however, have said that they were aware of this but either did not act when they should have or they assumed what they heard were just rumors. Miramax was the place that was making great stuff in the '90s, so when people say everybody knew, yeah, I knew he was an [expletive]. "It wasn't secondhand. I knew he did a couple of these things".

George Clooney Talks About Wife Amal's Experience With Sexual Harassment