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Rick Pitino is suing Adidas

18 October 2017

The action came almost three weeks after an Adidas executive and a company associate were were accused of paying bribes to the families of athletes who agreed to attend Louisville or another Adidas-affiliated school.

Rick Pitino has filed a lawsuit against Adidas America, Inc.

The allegations against Louisville include payments of $100,000 to the family of an unnamed player to sign with the Cardinals.

Pitino, in an affidavit presented Monday to the athletics board, said he "had no part - active, passive or through willful ignorance" in the activities alleged in an FBI investigation.

In the civil lawsuit, Pitino alleges he suffered damages as a result of Adidas' "outrageous conduct in conspiring to funnel money to the family of a college basketball recruit.all without Coach Pitino's knowledge, participation, or acquiescence."

"Mr. Pitino's lawsuit is clearly a reaction to his termination yesterday and is without merit", an Adidas spokesperson shot back in a statement to Business Insider.

When it became clear that Louisville and Rick Pitino were going to part ways, much of the discussion instantly turned to the more than $40 million left on the coach's contract.

Pitino reportedly stands to lose the $44 million remaining in salary and bonuses on his contract through the 2025-26 season since he was sacked with cause. In fact, an undercover agent described one of the defendants - Jonathan Brad Augustine, the program director of an Adidas-sponsored teen basketball program - as saying he expected Adidas to fund future bribes to the student in part because of the company's relationship with a coach at the school.