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Astronauts play with a fidget spinner in space

16 October 2017

While the fidget spinner is just a piece of metal that one can spin, it has managed to gain huge popularity among the younger generation.

NASA astronaut Randy Bresnik, now stationed on the International Space Station, uploaded a video of himself and other astronauts mucking about with fidget spinners in zero-gravity, and the results are actually pretty cool.

This is a great way to experiment with laws of motion of Newton.

Thanks to the lack of friction, coupled with the floating-in-mid-air thing, space has managed to pull off the impossible: it made fidget spinners cool.

Okay, we know that the fidget spinner craze is pretty much over by now.

Randy Bresnik even shared a video like serious adult men are demonstrating various tricks with Spinneret.

The next step is obviously taking the spinner out of the space station and out among the stars - to see whether it really would spin forever.

The fidget spinners in space do not spin exactly the way they do on Earth.

Additional tricks are possible by slightly nudging the spinner to make it float in the direction you want it to go.

Maybe the video will get more kids to look up, if just for a moment, while they're spinning their fidget spinners.

Astronauts play with a fidget spinner in space