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Planet nine must exist

15 October 2017

The existence of the planet, believed to be about 10 times bigger than Earth and 20 times further away than Neptune, has been theorised for a number of years. His team added that they have found the gravitational footprints of the ninth planet.

Although its existence has recently been widely speculated, NASA scientists now claim that they have proof of Planet Nine.

Batygin also states that if Planet Nine does not exist, then we may have bigger problems to deal with, namely finding another reason why the objects and planets are acting in these weird ways. But these orbits also are tilted the same way, about 30 degrees "downward" compared to the pancake-like plane within which the planets orbit the sun. The research team suggests that the elusive planet 9 could be in the very far regions of the solar system.

Researcher's further investigation found out that there should more objects which might be titled 90 degrees to the planes of the eight planets revolve around the Sun. It was revealed that five such objects, which fit these parameters were already known.

Two more clues emerged after the original paper.

An article by Elizabeth Bailey of Caltech University states that the ninth planet might have caused tilts in the orbitals of the known eight solar planets. This could explain a longstanding mystery: Why is the plane in which the planets orbit tilted about 6 degrees compared to the sun's equator?

Batygin, one of the authors of the theory, said that Planet Nine will make the entire solar system plane to precess and wobble like a top on a table.

[VIDEO] He also said that these objects have the elliptical orbit, pointing in the same direction, Daily Mail wrote.

They also believe that even the existence of Planet Nine might explain why the objects in the Kuiper Belt orbit in the opposite direction of every other object in the solar system. "It turns out that Planet Nine provides a natural avenue for their generation", said Dr. Batygin.

Pluto was earlier considered as Planet Nine but recent studies have demoted Pluto to "dwarf planet".

What remains is to find the planet itself, NASA says. Astronomers have been trying to find planet 9 using telescopes and computer simulation models. Batygin says he spends little time ruminating on its origin - whether it is a fugitive from our own solar system or, just maybe, a wandering rogue planet captured by the sun's gravity.

The search for Planet Nine is an interesting one that once again brings to mind the incredible vastness of the universe.