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Trump on Hannity: NFL Should've Suspended Kaepernick to Stop Protests During Anthem

13 October 2017

Worse, two weeks after he participated in an on-field demonstration with players, Jones said this past Sunday that any Cowboy player who "disrespects the flag" will be benched.

Trump told Fox News after a speech on tax reform in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, that he found Kaepernick's decision to protest police brutality by kneeling during the national anthem to be "terrible". Essentially, Trump was proclaiming victory.

With President Donald Trump making comments about NFL players who protest during the national anthem, several NFL players, and even NFL owners, have followed in Kaepernick's footsteps. Pence's actions were planned in advance with Trump.

Kaepernick mainly received support from current and former players as well as political figures. Some fans are fed up with it all, imploring the sports media to "stick to sports". "It is their right, but it's still offensive to many". His electoral base share his stance on the anthems: 87 per cent of Republicans believe that players are wrong to kneel, according to a recent CNN poll.

However, the National Football League said Wednesday that the letter did not explicitly say it would move forward on demanding players stand during the anthem and not kneel in protest, which many say they have been doing about conditions African-Americans face - particularly when it comes to police brutality. It is about respect for our county, flag and National Anthem.

Khan, who purchased the Jaguars in 2011 and is the only Muslim owner in the league, donated $1 million to Trump's campaign.

On Sept. 27 a few players knelt or sat down for the anthem.

Perhaps some owners are indeed feeling liberated by Trump, but the owners are, as a group, avowedly Republican anyway. Let us respect our flag and country together.

"ESPN's suspension of Jemele Hill is an outrage and should NOT go unanswered". Now, Chicago is out of control; I don't know what they're doing in Chicago to have this many shootings and this many killings, and all of the different things that are going on. His letter on Tuesday prompted Martellus Bennett, a player for the Green Bay Packers, to tweet: "really bruh?"

NFL players and teams, high school football teams, the National Basketball Association, and some who performed the anthem participated in protest.

For some players this may be enough; for others, the indications are that it will not be.

In what started out as a single player's protest for increased awareness about racial inequalities, the protest has now shifted toward a less understood, more national-anthem focused movement. There is no indication that either side are prepared to countenance conciliation.

Trump on Hannity: NFL Should've Suspended Kaepernick to Stop Protests During Anthem