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Netflix's She's Gotta Have It Official Trailer

13 October 2017

Spike Lee is coming to Netflix.

Netflix has released the first trailer for She's Gotta Have It, its new series from acclaimed director Spike Lee. She says directly to the camera, "I'm damn sure nobody's property", as though explicitly addressing critic's doubts. Revisit the main character from the original movie but in TV form.

Lee's first feature film debuted in 1986 and helped launch one of the industry's most significant directorial careers in the three decades since.

It'll be interesting to see how Lee plays out the story across the 10 episodes, and what updates he's made to encompass today's relationship mores.

The trailer begins with the very same introduction of a young Spike Lee, selling tube socks on the streets of NY and advertising his "new joint", a comedy called She's Gotta Have It.

The official trailer is a promising, sexy, vibrant preview of what we can expect.

The premise is the same, don't you dare call Nola Darling a sex addict (instead, try a "sex positive, polyamorous pansexual") as she juggles three men; Greer Childs, Jamie Overbrook and Mars Blackmon. Chyna Layne also stars as Shemekka Epps.

She's Gotta Have It drops on Netflix on Thanksgiving Day.

Netflix's She's Gotta Have It Official Trailer