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EA rebuffs 'pay to win' loot criticism of 'SW Battlefront 2'

13 October 2017

Loot boxes, it appeared from the beta, were directly tied to progression, alluding to slight pay-to-win scenarios.

"STAR WARS Battlefront II Crystals Pack* Use Star Wars Battlefront II virtual currency Crystals to purchase Crates, giving you a selection of new Star Cards, weapons, emotes, and other valuable resources to continue your Star Wars hero's journey".

With the recent Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Beta taking place last weekend, EA has received a lot of feedback about the game.

Furthermore, like in most EA and DICE games, your profile from a beta to the full game carries over, meaning that if you have the best of the best gear you will always have an advantage in the full version. Star Card upgrades and unlocking weapons can be achieved with a high enough rank which means you need to play to get your hands on these.

As a balance goal, we're working towards having the most powerful items in the game only earnable via in-game achievements.

DICE claims there is more to becoming powerful than simply buying a crate and getting a good Star Card.

EA has given us a better idea of about loot rates will work and how we can expect them to impact the main game. "We will work to make sure the system is balanced both for players who want to earn everything, as well as for players who are short on time and would like to move faster in their progress towards various rewards".

Duplicate Star Cards picked up in crates will also give crafting parts so players can upgrade Star Cards of their choice. It's complicated to say the least, but will people be able to play multiplayer without worrying about the effects of Star Cards?

The standard edition of Battlefront 2 releases on November 17 and includes all of the core game features, including a cinematic campaign and a full suite of online and offline multiplayer modes.

DICE also took a moment to acknowledge requests from players that it be possible to participate in matches where everyone has identical cards with flattened values.

"Like everything else, we will be continually making necessary changes to ensure the game is fun for everyone".

EA rebuffs 'pay to win' loot criticism of 'SW Battlefront 2'