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Bruce Arena Has No Interest in Overseeing Another World Cup Cycle

13 October 2017

It didn't seem to matter that the United States men's national soccer team was playing on some TV channel that was unavailable to many Americans who might have been interested in watching it. For the first time since I was in college in 1986, there won't be a us team to follow.

With a 2-1 loss on Tuesday night to Trinidad and Tobago, the United States men's national team failed to qualify for the 2018 World Cup in Russian Federation.

Donovan, who last played for the national team in 2014, amassed 57 goals and 58 assists (both team records) in an worldwide career that spanned 157 appearances and included three World Cups before his surprising omission from the 2014 tournament by Jurgen Klinsmann, then the team's coach.

Arena took over the team previous year after Jürgen Klinsmann was sacked following a run of poor results. To the standing of the sport, to the development of the national team program, to the aspirations of the players. That is how the United States missed out on qualifying for the World Cup. This was not supposed to be the case. That was a clear sign that our young players weren't good enough and created a huge void in our players' global development.

The embarrassing loss eliminated the United States from the 2018 World Cup, marking the first time that the country will not represented on the biggest stage in the sport since 1986.

And with the US huge favourites to host the 2026 World Cup together with Mexico and Canada, the qualifying failure is sure to have major repercussions among the leadership of the US Soccer Federation (USSF).

"But we've got a lot of pieces in place that we think are very good". "And that should not be the situation in a country of this size, with the resources we have, where kids are getting passed over for any reason, whether it's socioeconomic status, race, religion, proximity to a club".

And they should be more than devastated, more than embarrassed, then anyone else. There's no easy answer to that. "Sometimes when these things happen, that's when you have the real impetus and chance for change".

"We appreciate your support". "Well, guess what? I see that little red light". The U.S. national team players in MLS are marketed as the faces of the league, to sell tickets, as stars to promote the game in the United States. He has been in charge of U.S. Soccer since 2006 and, barring a resignation, will be seeking a fourth term as federation president in February.

U.S. Soccer and Major League Soccer must take hard looks at the way they conduct business. All of the above-listed issues are hurdles to building a men's national team that can realistically compete to win a World Cup, but making the World Cup and winning the World Cup are two completely different things. But when it mattered most, the players looked as flat as they did during the 4-0 loss to Costa Rica that cost Klinsmann his job.

However this experiment turns out, as the soccer folks in the usa have said for decades, it will take time for Americans to grow the game.

U.S. Soccer should be ashamed of itself. As far as Gulati goes, unless he resigns (which I doubt), he would need to be voted out in an election. "It's not about that". U.S. Soccer has to do a better job of identifying and developing players who don't have the kind of money to play for these "elite" clubs. Veterans such as Clint Dempsey (34), Tim Howard (38) and Michael Bradley (30) departed Trinidad on Tuesday knowing that in all probability, they had played in their last World Cup. Such a turnaround is unimaginable for most American fans.

Bruce Arena Has No Interest in Overseeing Another World Cup Cycle