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Trump says 'we'll see' on NAFTA talks

12 October 2017

In his meeting with Trump, Trudeau was expected to remind the president that Canada is the United States' biggest export customer, with largely balanced two-way goods and services trade, and is not the cause of U.S. manufacturing jobs lost under NAFTA, Canadian officials said.

Mexico appeared to be preparing for the worst as the fourth round of talks on the North American Free Trade Agreement were opening in Washington on Wednesday.

"We'll see if we can do the kind of changes that we need", Trump said.

Mexico's influential Business Coordinating Council has urged the government not to be afraid to walk out on the talks, despite the fact that NAFTA is a cornerstone of the Mexican economy, which sends about 80 per cent of its exports to the United States.

Videgaray said that Mexico must be prepared for different scenarios that arise from the renegotiation, and reiterated Mexico's clear refusal to pay for a border wall planned by the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump.

However, President Trump has long called for the pull out of NAFTA, because it is unfair to the U.S.

The US side sees strengthening the rules of origin for the auto industry as a way to bring back automotive production and jobs from Asia. But repeating the "ready for anything" sentiment multiple times suggests a conscious decision to acknowledge that the outcome of the talks may not go Canada's way.

"So saying, we are ready for anything and we will continue to work diligently to protect Canadian interests, to stand up for jobs, and look for opportunities for Canadian business and citizens of all of our friends and neighbour countries to do well".

"The possibility exists that we could leave the negotiating table because our partners are asking for things that Mexico can't deliver", its president, Juan Pablo Castanon, said earlier this month.

"We all want this agreement to be a model for future trade deals", Brady said.

From there, discussions are scheduled to move onto developing remedies for trade disputes, as well as the contentious issue of agriculture.

Trump says 'we'll see' on NAFTA talks