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Google to integrate Duo App to Android by default

12 October 2017

Those wanting to make a video call will be able do so straight from the Phone, Contacts, and Android Messages apps.

Google also revealed that users will be directed to ViLTE video calls if both the parties are using a carrier that supports the feature.

The Pixel 2 and 2 XL were announced last week, but with most variants not shipping for a few weeks, those of you pre-ordered one are probably getting a little antsy.

The integrated video calling feature is already rolling out to Pixel, Pixel 2, Android One, and Nexus phones. "We're working with our carrier and device partners to bring this experience to more Android devices over time", said Jan Jedrzejowicz, Product Manager, Phone app at Google in an announcement blog. If the carrier or phone does not support ViLTE, the calls will be routed via Duo App itself. But, Google did not succeed well in bringing the Google Duo into the mainstream smartphone users, so that they had aired a lot of Ads over Television, Internet and even via Billboards.

The app is available to update in Google Play now for free if you haven't checked it out.

So, just how do you make a video call with the new integration?

The video call option will show in the Call History or Search if your phone app is version 13.0 and up.

Google to integrate Duo App to Android by default