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Doughboyz Cashout rapper Doughboy Roc killed in Detroit

12 October 2017

- An up and coming Detroit rapper is shot and killed on the city's west side.

Investigators say the bullets hit him near the ear and shoulder. Police have been investigating more about the shooting, but haven't found more information yet about the motive or the shooter.

Doughboyz Cashout was formed in Detroit's Southfield High School in 2006.

Doughboyz Cashout is a rap group that started as an underground phenomenon that built a strong following in Detroit and beyond, eventually garnering the attention of Jeezy, a rap star who signed the group to his Atlantic-distributed CTE label in 2013.

Roc, who had run-ins with the law throughout his career - in 2012 the group released "Free Roc" following the rapper's incarceration - also put out solo work. "Detroit bred some great hustlers, some great talent from Eminem to Big Sean, but now it's time for the ghetto superstars". In between a string of legal troubles, including a 2010 conviction for felony firearms, Roc released a series of projects, including his latest offering, Roc Vs Balboa, which dropped in September. "They couldn't believe that someone they knew from the neighborhood, who also is famous and young, had been found dead in his auto".

Jerry Production, a Detroit-based videographer, tweeted out a tribute video memorializing Roc, who he said treated him like a little brother.

Doughboyz Cashout rapper Doughboy Roc killed in Detroit