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Adrian Peterson believes he has 4-5 years left

12 October 2017

"It was unfortunate when you have three backs in that system, but what they asked from a running back, we all could do", Peterson said. It was that the 11-year veteran simply couldn't carve out enough space and carries from the extremely productive incumbent (Ingram) and the head-turning rookie (Kamara) to establish a rhythm in the Saints' offense.

Adrian Peterson's bust of tenure as a New Orleans Saint has not wavered his confidence. "I look to play four to five more years, God willing", he said.

"I'm sure if they could flash back, they probably would have did things differently", Peterson said.

"They can be in in any given situation, whether that's running between the tackles or outside the tackles, or catching balls out of the backfield, spreading them out, picking up protection - those guys can do it all". Get the app and get the game.

"It was like, 'Thank you, Jesus, '" Peterson said.

The duo, by most measures, already had defined the rotation. The Cardinals have been seeking for ways to improve a running game that's last in the National Football League in total yards and yards per carry.

Two catches for four yards just didn't cut it. He finished his Saints career with just 27 caries for 81 yards.

Payton said he told Cardinals General Manager Steve Keim that Peterson still had plenty left in the tank, but "it's just a little crowded right now". "It appears that he's going to get a great opportunity there".

He was, however, "unsettled" with his role.

Most of the Saints are hoping Peterson gets the playing time he craves in Arizona.

"I had a great day of practice Monday, great day of practice. It was an opportunity, really, where he was going to obviously get somewhere and be featured more and I am happy that that opportunity has come up and we were able to make the trade". "I think this is all for the better". "You know, after four weeks and seeing how things played yeah it was something that I was praying about". I do appreciate him for that.

That is 23 Pro Bowls between three players.

"That's just how I was brought up, man". "I'm always going to compete, never shy away from competition, never shy away from anything". "Had I known that I could draft Kamara, had I known Kamara was going to be good as a runner and as a receiver, and had I know. When I go out there I'm always putting my best foot forward and I feel like it will speak for itself".

Adrian Peterson believes he has 4-5 years left