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Alert Indian peacekeepers repulse Congo rebel attack

10 October 2017

General Bernard Commins, the Deputy Chief of the UN troops in Congo, said, "At about 0200 GMT, a group of armed men, probably Mai-Mai (a local armed group), attacked the MONUSCO (UN Mission in the DRC) position" near central Lubero, which is located in North Kivu.

Two U.N. peacekeepers were killed and several more wounded in an attack Monday in eastern Congo by suspected Ugandan rebels of the ADF group, said a U.N. spokesman. "But during the attack, two Indian peacekeepers", Col Anand said.

According to Army officials, the armed Mai Mai rebels on Friday (October 6) attacked the Indian Army's Lubero post, which lies about 300 km North of Goma, the main town of North Kivu. Two Indian troopers were also injured in the operation.

Referring to a village near the city of Beni, Spokeswoman for the UN Congo Mission, Florence Marchal, said "I can confirm an attack on the MONUSCO base at Mamundioma this morning which killed one peacekeeper and injured 12". At present India has a total of 2,664 military personnel deployed in Congo under the United Nations mission there and India has been a major contributor to United Nations peacekeeping missions with almost 7,600 military and police personnel in United Nations peace operations in countries like Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Haiti, Lebanon, Liberia, the Middle East, South Sudan, Sudan and the Western Sahara.

Army sources, while speaking to PTI, said the Indian brigade conducts an average of 2,300 patrols per month in the troubled parts of Congo.

Alert Indian peacekeepers repulse Congo rebel attack