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Catalonia calls for global mediation following 90% vote for independence

08 October 2017

It called for a judicial inquiry into reports the mayor threatened to withdraw the hotel's license if the Guardia Civil remained there.

The president of Catalonia insisted Monday that Sunday's independence referendum, though marred by clashes and rejected by the Spanish government, had legitimately endorsed a separate state and that he would press ahead to make the vote binding. In the middle of the afternoon, while silence reigned in Barcelona, disturbed occasionally by the roar of helicopters, the cries of demonstrators and the police sirens, the hospitals of the region dénombraient at least 92 injured.

"Today, there has been no self-determination referendum in Catalonia", was launched, the head of the Spanish government, Mariano Rajoy, at the end of the day. President Emmanuel Macron spoke to Rajoy on Monday, with the French presidential office issuing a statement afterward in support of Spain's "constitutional unity" and no comment on the violence of the Spanish police.

465 people have received medical assistance in the hospitals and health centres, explained a spokesman of health services. The clashes, he said, mostly started after police officers were stranded inside polling stations.

National security forces beat unarmed voters as officers shut down some polling stations.

"It's supposed to be a democracy", said Virtudes Banducci, originally from Barcelona, "but unfortunately it doesn't seem to go like that".

It's one thing to condemn this particular referendum as stupid and counter-productive, and quite another thing to say that no referendum can ever be legitimately held in Catalonia.

The coach said players have the right to express their opinions privately, but have to try to avoid adding to the "unpleasant situation" generated by Catalonia's bid for independence. Gerard Piqué, who had voted earlier in the day, and his colleagues wore their jersey in the colours of the Catalan.

The pro-independence forces received 48% of the vote, but won a narrow majority of the seats, and duly formed a government committed to a second referendum.

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She said she had been waiting for that moment for a long time and was afraid of missing her chance to express her right to vote on the independence of Catalonia.

The silence of the EU on Madrid's excesses against the Catalan separatists may not bode well for its credibility among Europeans, especially among newly formed fledgling states of the future, like Catalonia. "Violence can never be the appropriate response!"

Although the constitution of Spain was written 40 years ago and society evolved, the text seems to be changeable for matters that benefit the politicians or the monarchy but unchangeable to address the Catalan referendum. The crackdown drew a sharp rebuke from Catalan leaders and others including Nicola Sturgeon, leader of the pro-independence Scottish National Party.

Their first global match was against France on 2nd February 1912 in Paris, which they lost 7-0, which to date, remains their joint biggest defeat the team's history along with a 7-0 defeat at the hands of Spain in March 1924.

"We understand many of our fans and many of our members feel that we should have called off the game, which is why it was one of my most hard decisions as president of the club".

"In the case of independence, the club and the members would have to decide in which league we would play", Bartomeu was quoted as saying by Sky Sports.

Catalonia calls for global mediation following 90% vote for independence